Rohdeway Electric - HVAC, Heaters & Fans

With today’s energy bills many people are looking for alternatives that will help lower the cost of heating and cooling. Installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom or living room can provide a cooling breeze in the summer and help utilize the trapped warm air in ceiling by moving downward.

We can install ceiling fans at any height in your home even where one has never existed. Our electricians have specialized ladders that can reach even the highest ceilings safely and without damaging your floors or walls. We can install a ceiling fan anywhere in your house even if there is no fan or light in your existing ceiling. We will install a new box, fish in a new line, and install the fan. If you already have a fan that operates on a pull chain, we can install new independent switches for the fan and light.

We can install Circuits, convert Gas Furnaces to Electric. Do you have rooms in your house that may feel more comfortable with baseboard heaters? These are ideal for renovating a basement. Sometimes you might need to add another circuit for a space heater. We also can do the conversion from a gas furnace to an electric furnace.

Whether its too hot or too cold, we can install new circuitry for your heating and/or air conditioning equipment.